Terms of use API CSSResizer.com to create a service for CSS compression

These terms of use «API CSSResizer.com to create a service for CSS compression" (hereinafter - Agreement) constitute an offer «CSSResizer.com» (hereinafter - CSSResizer) to internet user (hereinafter - User) to use the «API CSSResizer.com" (hereinafter - API) under the conditions stated below:

1. General terms

1.1. The User is obliged to get acquainted with all the terms of this Agreement and shall bear the risk of such a nescience.

1.2. The User is solely responsible for its compliance with the law when using the Service.

1.3. By using the Service, or placed the code of Service on the Users site or Users mobile app, or using any other functional possibility of the Service, the User expresses its full and unconditional acceptance of all the terms of the Agreement and undertakes to observe them.

2. Terms of Service use

2.1. Service is a programming interface that enables interaction with CSS compression service, designed CSSResizer.

2.2. The service is provided free of charge.

2.3. Use of the Service is permitted only under the following conditions:

2.3.1. To gain access to the Service, you need to put the calling Service code on website or mobile application. CSSResizer shall have the discretion to deny access to the Service without giving any reason.

2.3.2. The Service can be used by User only within sites or mobile applications that are available for free public use. The Service can not be used for projects that require payment, or otherwise restrict access to third parties. The need to create an account is not considered restricted access under this paragraph.

2.3.3. The User can use the data and functions obtained by using the Service only in the functionality provided by the Service.

2.3.4. CSSResizer reserves the right to set any limits and restrictions, and can change them at its own discretion without prior written notice to Users.

2.3.5. RESTRICTIONS. By using the Service, the User is not entitled to: Dcompile, and/or in any way modify the code obtained through the Service. Delete, reorder or sort, hide or modify the graphical interface, provided by the Service. Use tools to create websites/mobile apps, that violate the law, the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

2.3.6. Changes and version. CSSResizer reserves the right to modify/amend or update the Service at any time without prior notice to Users.

2.3.7. Advertising. CSSResizer reserves the right to include advertising materials in data, provided and displayed by the Service, in its sole discretion.

3. The rights and rights holders

3.1. The exclusive right to the Service belongs CSSResizer.

4. Denial of responsibility

4.1. The Service is provided by CSSResizer «as is». CSSResizer does not warrant justification of Users expectations, uninterrupted and error-free operation of the Service as a whole and its individual components and/or functions.

5. Final provisions

5.1. CSSResizer has the right, without notice and at its sole discretion, terminate or suspend User's access to the Service without giving reasons, in particular in the case of violation of the requirements of this User Agreement.

5.2. All questions and claims related to the use/inability to use the Service, shall be sent by e-mail info@cssresizer.com.

5.3. CSSResizer may at any time without notice to you to change the text of this Agreement and/or any other terms of use of the Service. The current version of this Agreement located at: https://cssresizer.com/legal.php. The risk of nescience new version of the Agreement shall be assigned to User. Continued use of the Service after a change of conditions of the Agreement is considered to be accept their new edition.